7th European Laryngological
Live Surgery Broadcast

23th November 2022 | 9.00 - 16.00 CET (GMT+1)

Prof. Isabel Vilaseca (Barcelona)

66 years old male
No allergies, past-smoker until 2015 (135 pack/year).
History: PLD, ischemic heart disease, supraventricular tachycardia, GER, hepatic steatosis, chronic pancreatitis, thalassemia minor, anxiety-depressive disorder.
Incidental diagnosis of epiglottic lesion in the context of fibrobronchoscopy due to suspected pulmonary neoplasia. No other complains.
FN: broad-based exophytic lesion on the laryngeal aspect of the epiglottis. No vocal cord lesions. Motility ok. NBI positive. No cervical adenopathy.
Biopsy: + for SCC
CT neck: Non-specific thickening of the epiglottis. No lymphadenopathy of significant size.
Echo-FNA lung mass: Negative.
Tumor board: synchronic cT1N0 supraglottic tumor. Proposed for transoral laser microsurgery.