6th European Laryngological Live Surgery Broadcast 24th November 2021

Brief summary

Dear All,

The ELS live surgery broadcast 2021 is over.

18 surgeries were presented by 11 different European departments. The program included a large range of laryngeal cancers, premalignant lesions, voice and deglutition disorders, benign tumors, laryngeal stenosis and reinnervation technique. 5 moderators coordinated the event in the central studio in Poznan. Preliminary analysis showed that we were in 65 countries in all continents of the world. The audience count was appr. 40 000 people.

More than 20 questions and comments were sent to the studio.

There is a list of countries in which the broadcast was viewed: Germany, Poland, United States, France, Italy, Spain, Ukraine, Netherlands, United Kingdom, Algeria, Russia, China, Slovenia, Malaysia, Sweden, India, Austria, Portugal, Ireland, Finland, Indonesia, Brazil, Mexico, Tunisia, Belgium, Israel, Romania, Switzerland, El Salvador, Greece, Argentina, Belarus, Canada, Norway, Philippines, Czechia, Iran, Turkey, Denmark, Estonia, Hong Kong, Lithuania, Luxembourg, Egypt, Cambodia, Morocco, North Macedonia, Australia, Serbia, Saudi Arabia, South Korea, New Zealand, United Arab Emirates, Croatia, Japan, Vietnam, Hungary, Singapore, Kazakhstan, Curacao, Cyprus, Lebanon, Qatar, South Africa

We invite you to follow our website and new communications especially when Archives 2021 will be released.

We look forward to seeing you in November 2022.

Here is a map of the world which depicts from which countries the viewers have observed the broadcasts in 2015-2021. During all these years we have been in 130 countries.

  • from light blue to dark blue - different colors according to the amount of viewers
  • white - no viewers